We come to you
to provide all manner of computer and technology help
for one reasonable hourly rate.

we can:

  • Fix any and all of the problems you might be experiencing with your personal computer, whether it’s a PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. more
  • Help you with your computer and other technology purchases, right through from finding the best deals, to getting your new purchases up and running at your home. more
  • Teach you how to do what you want to do on your computer, with patient one-to-one tutelage tailored to your needs and your schedule. more
  • Help you get your home office or small business IT organised, by optimising your workflow. Everything from tidying up emails, to accounting, to customer and content management solutions. more

…and much more. If you have something else in mind, please just ask!

You can also come to us, or we can help you remotely. more

Helping you remotely means using special software that enables us to take control of your computer over the internet, no matter where you are in New Zealand or the world. The software is free to install on your computer, and we can help you get set up over the phone (also for free) in 5 minutes or less!

Sometimes, especially for servicing, it might be easier to leave your computer with us for a time. We are more than happy for our technicians to arrange this with you.

our philosophy

We endeavour to provide our services to you in the most friendly and transparent way possible, and to always ensure we are fair in how we charge you for our time. Our goal is to provide you with a service that remains professional, while being both friendly and affordable too.

We hope that after your first experience with mobit, you won’t hesitate to call on us again.

make a booking

The easiest way to make a booking with us for the first time is to call us on 09-952-4568.

You can also request a booking by email. Send your request to help@mobit.nz.

If you have received our services before or have been referred directly to one of our technicians, you are most welcome to contact them directly. Otherwise feel free to call us any time between 10am and 10pm, seven days a week.


Our standard hourly rate is $50 per hour and our regular call-out fee is $25.

There is no call-out fee for remote support, or if you drop off your computer for service at your technician's residence.

All of our prices include GST

read more about our call-out fees

If you require our services urgently or at very specific times, we may request a priority call-out fee. Such times might include appointments that fall within peak hour traffic, when our technicians already have busy schedules, or when they have to come from very long distances.
You are welcome to request priority support, otherwise we will always let you know if we require it before we book your job.

Medium Priority - $50 (Guaranteed service within 3 days)
High Priority - $75 (Guaranteed service within 1 day)

completion guarantee

It is our policy to always get the job done, regardless of how long it takes.

While our technicians are at work, they will always endeavor to keep you abreast of their progress and provide you with an expected timeframe. In the event a job is taking significantly longer than expected your technician will continue working free of additional time charges.

In some cases, we may ask to take your computer away for service. When we do so we will always give you a fixed quote so there are no unexpected charges.

read the fine-print

  • While we don't have a strict minimum time charge, we do like to work for at least an hour if we can. We're always looking for ways to improve your computing experience, and most of the time you'd be surprised at what we find! But, if we can't find anything to do, or you're in a rush to be rid of us, we round our time to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • In order to make priority support possible we may sometimes be required to reschedule regular priority bookings. If we find we must do so within 8 hours of our scheduled visit, and another time on that day is not possible either for you or our technician, we will happily waive the call-out fee on the day we visit.
  • For regular and medium priority bookings, we ask that you allow for delays of up to one hour, although we will always try to get in touch if we’re likely to miss our scheduled appointment by more than 15 minutes.
  • You’re always welcome to reschedule your appointment, but please try to do so as soon as you can. We may have to ask for our call-out fee in the event your technician is already on-route when you call to reschedule.
  • For priority remote support, an equivalent surcharge is added to the first hour. $25 for medium priority and $50 for high priority.